Mother, May I Sleep With James Franco?


My New Years resolution was to work with James Franco. I wasn’t sure in what capacity, but I was determined to manifest it. About two months later, I read in Variety, James Franco was producing a remake of the 1996 cult classic  Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?  The orginal starred a teenage Tori Spelling involved in a dangerous love affair with a guy who turns out to be an obsessed psychopath (Ivan Sergei).



20yrs later, the Lifetime updated classic features Tori Spelling as a mom,  her daughter Leah (Leila George) is seduced by a lesbian vampire. What campy fun!


I saw a notice on LA Casting that production was looking for people with upscale Halloween costumes for an upcoming scene. I jumped at the opportunity. I ransacked my closed and this is the best I could come up with.  I submitted several photos and with much delight – booked the job!


We filmed the following Saturday night at Griffith Park. As I stood on my patio, I stared at the Hollywood Hills. I was satisfied to know Mr. Franco was waiting for me.


When I arrived, I went through hair and make up. Shortly after, a PA took me and the rest of the background talent to set. We were given our marks. I was placed next to the DJ with cocktail in hand. I looked straight ahead and Mr. Franco appeared through the slits in my skeleton mask. My heart began to race. He looked at me and took notice. I could have died and gone to heaven.

I had a blast dancing the night away knowing Mr. Franco was watching on the monitor. I did whatever I could to catch the attention of the camera. I danced with men, women and a little person.  James came out from behind the camera to give direction to his cast of Night Walkers. He walked next to me as he instructed the girls how to creep into the room. Our arms rubbed against each other.

James Franco appeared nothing like his wild Instagram persona. He was the quiet professional – completely focused. He is handsome and confident but looks like he needs a vacation. I’d be happy to join.


During a break, I spotted Tori Spelling standing to my left near the buffet table. She wore a white dress with pink feathers in her hair! This was another surreal moment: I grew up watching Tori on 90201!! And now…I was working with her?? Wait, what!!? She’s an icon in my book.

Next up, a pivotal scene. Tori rushes out of the party to look for her daughter. The AD placed me right behind her. When Tori reached her mark, I was instructed to swing open the door, run and rip off my mask to investigate the screams. In dramatic fashion, I complied take after take. You will have to watch to find out what happens next….It’s not pretty.

When I got home that night, as I lay in my bed. I thought I had been dreaming. In a way, I was.

Dreams really do come true…

Here’s a clip – see if you can spot me!

Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? is currently showing on Lifetime and is available OnDemand.

ICE T’s Transphobic Tweet


I got into a riff with rapper Ice T this morning over an insensitive transphobic photo posted on his Twitter account.


Transgendered Americans are being subject to hateful anti-trans bathroom laws, are combating discrimination and are even being murdered. This type of behavior is totally irresponsible and dangerous.  Myself and a handful of others called him out. His response to one follower, “fuck you.” I would post the tweet, but he blocked me.


Everyone is entitled to think what they want and view the world as they see fit. A person in the public eye has a bit more responsibility to set an example. There seems to be a trend that being “PC” is uncool; that people are too sensitive. I wonder how he would respond if someone posted a hateful tweet, about his gender, race or identity? One does not have to support the Trans movement, but don’t mock it either.

***I was informed this morning the tweet has been since removed from Ice T’s Twitter page. The purpose of writing about the incident is to educate and raise awareness.  I mean no ill will towards Ice T – I only ask he be more sensitive because the seriousness of the issue.



It was announced Saturday actress and advocate Laverne Cox will make television history as the first transgender series regular playing a lawyer in a new legal drama picked up by CBS. Doubt follows a smart, chic, successful defense lawyer at a boutique firm who starts to fall for her charismatic client who may or may not be guilty of a brutal crime.

Kudos to CBS for this groundbreaking move at a time when transgender men and women are being targeted by bigoted laws across America.  States such as Kansas, Tennessee, Washington, South Dakota, Texas and South Carolina have targeted transgender  rights, but particularly restricting their access to public bathrooms.

The Obama administration instructed public schools across the U.S. on Friday to let transgender students use the bathrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity. The order was issued a few days after the Justice Department and North Carolina sued each other over a state law requiring transgender people to use the public bathroom that corresponds to the sex on their birth certificate. Since there are no “bathroom police,” the Rowan County school district is permitting students to carry pepper spray as a “defensive” measure against transgender students.

When you dissect the law, anyone with a brain can see it does not make sense. During a recent appearance on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, advocate and I Am Cait star Jenny Boylan summed it up best, “I am a woman. I have an F on my driver’s license. I have the anatomy of a woman, but because my birth certificate says M, I would have to go to the men’s room. That makes me unsafe.”


Shame on North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and other so-called “leaders” for their blatant transphobia. WTF is wrong with people?! It angers and sadness me people living in these bigoted communities have to face such disrespect and hate.


I tweeted North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory expressing my outrage. I suggest you do the same.  @PatMcCroryNC

Awkward and Insecure


Award-winning writer, producer and New York Times Best-Selling author Issa Rae’s popular Youtube series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl is headed to HBO.

Misadventures debuted in 2011. Three years and 20 million views later, Rae partnered with Pharrell Williams and released season two on his Youtube channel iamOTHER. Re-naming it Insecure, HBO picked up the pilot in 2015. The multi-cultural comedy is scheduled for a 2016 release.


Issa Rae stars as J the most awkward black girl in Los Angeles. The self-doubting voice within J’s head is her worst enemy. Turning frustration into rap lyrics helps J cope with life’s awkward experiences. Being somewhat awkward myself, I can relate to Rae’s brand of humor.

I was booked to work as an extra on Insecure last week – I was thrilled to be part of the production. I wanted to introduce myself to Issa when I spotted her during lunch. But I felt too awkward and insecure. Maybe next time?

Photos via Issa Rae Facebook:












Relationship Status


Dating in the digital age can be downright dreadful. I recently set up a Tinder profile in hopes of finding more relationship oriented guys than the ones trolling Scruff and Grindr. After hundreds of swipes and likes, my best match was already in a relationship with my former real estate agent. WTF.

Relationship Status, an 11 episode digital series available on Verizon’s go90 app from executive producers James Frey and Milo Ventimiglia, tackles the subject head on. It follows 30 guys and girls in New York and Los Angeles navigating through love and friendship – all told though the lens of social media. Gilmore Girls and Heroes hottie Ventimiglia stars as “Jack” a light hearted, fun gay bartender.

I met Milo while working background on the show. I found myself blushing while chatting briefly near the craft service table. To me, it was love at first sight. Milo featured me in a scene and gave positive feedback on my reactions.

After a long day of dancing in a simulated gay club, I checked one of my social accounts and noticed a guy who resembled Ventimiglia checked out my profile. I wondered if this was a case of life imitating art or just wishful thinking? My imagination ran wild. The experience inspired me to start writing a screenplay about a straight actor who in research for his role hooks up with an over eager extra via a sex app.


In good fun, I tweeted Milo a picture of his character “Jack” remarking how hot he is. Here’s the problem, I mistakenly called him “Jake”  – the doppelgänger I chatted with online! A case of mistaken identity. How embarrassing. But this is Hollywood, who can tell what is real? Good thing Milo has a sense of humor.


Make sure to check out this funny, smart and relevant show. If you watch it in slow motion you just might spot me too.  As for my dating life, my Relationship Status remains the same – SINGLE!

Relationship Status premiered last week on StyleHaul’s YouTube channel. Additional episodes are streaming on Verizon’s go90 app now.

Later this year, Ventimiglia returns to Gilmore Girls for its Netflix reboot.

Once I was “7 Years” Old…


When I was “7 Years” old, I had the desire to move to Hollywood,  33 years later, I’m pursuing my childhood ambitions. I didn’t know that starting over at this stage in life would be so hectic! Re-establishing my career has been top of mind, planning my 40th birthday party the last thing on the list.

I was invited to attend an event the same day as my birthday. I figured, why  not celebrate there? It just so happened to be the after-party to the pop-soul sensation Lukas Graham’s sold out show at the Troubadour. The event, hosted by YRB Magazine, was the held at the ultra-hip Bar Fifty Three on Sunset Blvd.


Lukas Graham’s catchy coming of age smash single “7 Years” is currently #1 on iTunes. I’m sure you heard it on the radio 100 times….Lukas Graham is taking America by storm and will be musical guest tonight on Jimmy Kimmel.  Their debut album Lukas Graham drops April 1st.

Monday night while chatting with friends, I spotted Lukas waving to me. He came over to say hello and  I congratulated him on his success and posed for a photo.  Fun way to spend a birthday.

Sometimes if you look back and reflect on your past self –  you may realize everything is going to be OK. It’s about the journey.  :)



Exclusive: Richard Simmons Is Fine!


Richard Simmons wants you to know he is just “fine!” For 40yrs, the flamboyant ball of energy has motivated thousands of people around the world to lose weight and live their best lives possible.  At 67yrs old,  Richard is taking a much needed break from the public eye. When you give so much of yourself sometimes you need to slow your roll to honor yourself and your body.  As a public servant and advocate for healthy living, Richard is doing just that.

Rumors have surfaced Richard is being held against his will by staff members at his Hollywood Hills mansion. Friends have expressed deep concern since Richard has seemingly cut off those closest and has not been seen at a public event since 2013. TMZ reported police were even sent to his estate but found nothing out of the ordinary.

simmons_gatePhoto: Andy Martino

I too have been concerned. I don’t know Richard personally but I’ve been a fan for years. I can still remember dancing to my parents Sweatin’ To The Oldies VHS tape in our living room. And let’s not forget those Deal A Meal commercials. :)

Before celebrities were outed for being gay by bloggers like Perez Hilton, Richard was the biggest cheerleader for being your true self without having to identify who you sleep with. He was and continues to be an inspiration to me.  I was beyond ecstatic when Richard and I became friends on Twitter also around 2013.  He would often send me words of encouragement. Those would also come to a stop, raising my suspicions that something was wrong.





I reached out to Richard’s publicist Tom Estey and he assured me, “Richard is fine and enjoying his time away from the public eye while still tending to his flock on a daily basis. His desire to live a more private life for a while in no way will affect his desire and need to help others.”

That is great news – sometimes what we perceive as “wrong” is the right thing for others. It is important to respect peoples’ privacy. Richard’s businesses are doing well, and if he wants to run the show from behind the scenes that is his prerogative! If he has a change of heart, we will be here to embrace him with open arms.


The VV itch


I’ve read countless glowing reviews about the new horror film The Witch – this is not one of them. It’s not that the movie sucked, it’s better than the usual Hollywood trash but it fails to deliver on it’s promise to terrify. Let’s set the stage….a family leaves the safe walls of their Puritan community circa 1600s – they travel into the harsh, dark wilderness to begin a new life. They find a place to settle and a build a house which seems to happen overnight without the help of a construction crew.


The family’s oldest daughter, Thomasin (played by Anya Taylor-Joy), is on the verge of womanhood. Even her younger brother can’t help but notice her developing breasts. Gross but they live on a farm in the middle of nowhere – poor kids. Anyway, Ms. Thomasin takes her baby brother or sister (it doesn’t really matter) to the woods edge for a game of peek-a-boo. The baby disappears right before her eyes – the work of The Witch in the woods?


The family does its best to carry on but then the finger pointing begins. Thomasin jokes that she is wicked – she really just wants to shut up her annoying younger brother and sister (twins). Here’s the scary part, the family’s lack of trust for each other will lead to their demise. Again, is the work of The Witch or the evil that lurks within? Or perhaps it’s the doing of the black goat feared to be Satan himself?


Writer/Director Robert Eggers has the right idea and does a beautiful job recreating this scary time in American history. However, The Witch falls short on invoking feelings of terror beyond the idea that if this happened in real life it would be terrifying. Worth a watch, but save your money for the DVD/digital release.

Bigger Is Better


I believe a persons true character is measured  by the amount of people they touch. This week we lost a beautiful soul, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Angela Raiola was the niece of Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi, a drug dealer in the Genovese crime family. As a young woman, she worked as a bartender and was known to date mobsters. She lived an extravagant  lifestyle which caught up with her in 2001 when she was indicted for selling cocaine out of the bars she worked. Angela did her time being placed under house arrest for four months.

In 2011, Angela joined Season 2 of the VH1 reality show Mob Wives. Angela became an instant fan favorite because of her colorful larger than life persona, her big lips and even bigger boobs. Angela believed that bigger is better – which is true of her heart and spirit. She would go on to star in two VH1 spin offs. Angela was a star.


She was the peacemaker, the voice of reason, the person who would bring people together. She was a loyal friend, loving mother and adoring grandmother. I know this not only because of TV but by all the wonderful things people are saying about her. Personally, she brought joy to my life and made me smile. I loved her raspy voice, zany one-liners and authentic “tell it like it is” attitude.  I met her once.  My cousin has been a family friend for years and I have another relative who worked at The Drunken Monkey, the bar she used to own on Staten Island.


My cousin told me how she met Angela back in the day. Angela was working at a bar in Bay Bridge, Brooklyn. Apparently, she had too much to drink and need help behind the bar. The bar owner asked my cousin Francine to pitch in and the rest is history. My cousin told me, “Angela is the type of girl who would take a limo wearing a feather boa to a Chinese restaurant. She was always the center of attention.”

Many of us are saddened by the loss of this bright light who bravely fought cancer in the public eye with beauty and grace. If you can make that kind of impact on so many people – you have done something right! May she rest in peace and harmony.


Photos via VH1.

Code Black – Patient #10 Lives


Since moving to LA, I’ve been doing background acting and it can be a hustle. 16 hour days, early call times, standing or sitting for hours on end and sometimes under extreme weather conditions. The pay is low and work is not consistent but it can be fun. A few weeks ago, I was booked on the CBS medical drama Code Black. “Code Black” referring to when the number of patients outnumbers the resources/staff available to treat them.

At first, I was asked to do some camera passes – which simply means walking in front of the camera. Take after take this can become boring very quickly so I always hope to get chosen to do more. While on a break, a production assistant walked over to me and said “Come with me, today is your lucky day.” I was selected to be placed  in the trauma unit, AKA, Center Stage!

When I arrived, I noticed here was a man laying on one of the beds with fake guts coming out of his stomach. I was directed to lay on the bed next to him. It was decided that my character “Patient #10” was suffering from internal bleeding. The ER was short on staff. “Mama,” played by Luis Guzman, had to tend to both of us.


The whole experience was surreal.  The actors around me worked feverishly to keep me alive. I could hardly breathe under the oxygen mask – I started to feel like I was really in the hospital. When the scene was over, I was out of sorts. Must be my method acting, lol.

The epispode aired on Wednesday and I almost died when I spotted myself! I posted my performance on social media and the response has been amazing. Everyone is asking “what happens to your character?” I have no idea, after they wheel my bed out to the operating room the scene was over. What a cliff hanger!

I think they should have me back on the show. Who knows, maybe “Patient #10” is a long lost relative of one of the doctors? That might be a bit of a stretch.  But I’d at least like to come back to thank the doctors for saving my life! My loyal fans feel free to tweet @CodeBlackCBS and let them know I MUST return!!

Code Black airs Wednesdays at 10pm on CBS.

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