Personal Politics: Growing Up In The Shadow Of Trumpism

I remember disagreeing with my Republican father in middle school. Growing up in a mixed race home, I didn’t understand my father’s politics. He was a former Marine. Maybe, that had something to do with it? In 1993, when Bill Clinton ran for office, I wasn’t old enough to vote. I loved that he was young, connected to the youth generation and supported environmental issues. Four years later, when I was 18, I voted for the first time. I could not have been prouder to participate in the democratic process.

In my early 20’s, I was living on my own in Brooklyn and working at my first “real job.” I watched the Twin Towers fall on 9/11 from the 19th floor of my office building in Times Square. It was like watching a live-action sci-fi movie.  I felt as if my home had been invaded.  I did not support the Iraq War. And after 8yrs of George Bush, I could not wait to kick the Republicans out of The White House. 

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Then came Barrack Obama, I had hope. I wanted change. I was swept away by his good looks and inspiring speeches. The world fell in love. There were exceptions, of course, including Donald Trump.

Growing up, Donald Trump was a staple in New York. Kind of like rats and hot dogs. I never liked him much. I remember driving on the FDR with my parents. My dad pointing to Donald’s yacht docked in the East River (there was a helicopter on top of it)! Trump made money and lost it. He opened casinos, “The Eighth Wonder Of the World.” The casinos closed and the yacht disappeared. I also didn’t care for the way he treated now ex-wife Ivanna during their very public divorce. 

As host of The Apprentice, Donald was entertaining enough. He was witty, tough but fair. When I heard he was running for office, I thought to myself, “This could be interesting.” Then he started to speak and it got weird. Build a wall? Why? For what? Who is going to pay for it? He claimed, “Mexico.” I rolled my eyes.

I was “With Her,” we had a love/hate relationship. I admired Hillary Clinton’s strength as First Lady. But I thought her run for the New York Senate was a bit far reaching –  she never lived in the state prior to running. After 9/11, I saw how she went to bat for the city and the first responders. With Bush in The White House, I felt safe knowing Hillary was looking out for us. Could she be robotic? Yes, I didn’t connect with her on a personal level.

As a Presidential candidate, I didn’t care she used a private server. But thought it was foolish it wasn’t secure. I felt Bernie was too idealistic. I basically supported Hillary because she was prepared since High School.

On the night of Nov. 8th, 2016, it was clear to me Donald Trump was going to win the election. My friends were hopeful, Hillary would come out on top. I knew better and went to sleep early. Nov. 9th, I had tickets to see Chelsea Handler, it was supposed to be a Hillary fest. Instead it was a funeral. Chelsea stopped taping – she was in tears. I was too. 

I became depressed but most of all angry. I could not understand how anyone could vote for an unhinged, unqualified, ignorant, arrogant, decisive, repulsive orange con-man with bad hair OVER  an OVER-qualified woman? I fought with family members, unfriended people on social media. I had fought the fight and lost. I was furious and still am.

With just over six months into the “Trump Administration,” there has been bizarre cabinet appointments (Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos), lies aka “alternative facts,” attacks on the media, poorly executed executive orders (travel ban), tweets attacking everyone from Meryl Streep to Nordstrom department stores.  Alleged ties with Russia, Michael Flynn, the firing of James Comey, public embarrassments on the world stage, a bizarre propaganda speech to the Boy Scouts and a military ban on trans service members. This is the shit storm of Trump.  Chaos, confusion. An attempt at abolishing order as we have known it for over 200 years. WTF is going on? 

None of us know where the shit storm may hit next- make sure you are prepared to march, protest, write, tweet and resist. Donald Trump has proven to be a failure on policy but he has been successful at doing things on his own terms without much respect for the office or the American people. 

American Crime Story: Versace


Versace: American Crime Story, FX’s third installment of the Ryan Murphy series will star Ricky Martin as Antonio D’Amico, the partner of Gianni Versace. Variety reports “production begins later this month. Martin joins a cast that includes Édgar Rarmirez as Versace, Penélope Cruz as his sister Donatella and Darren Criss as serial killer Andrew Cunanan.” Titillating entertainment for some. But for me, it is a haunting memory…

It was late spring 1997,  I had just completed my junior year at SUNY Oswego (a quiet college town nestled on the shore of Lake Ontario in Central New York). I was back home in Brooklyn  for break. It was a beautiful day. Feeling bored, I jumped on the train and headed to the West Village to do some shopping and cruising. Glad to be back in civilization – I spent the day walking the streets. I strolled over to the Christopher Street pier to take in the sun and the sights – cute boys were everywhere.  After sunset, I headed towards 7th Ave to catch the train home. As I walked down the subway stairs, I noticed a wanted poster; a suspected gay spree killer was on the loose. I stopped dead in my tracks and took a mental note.


When I arrived home, I called my best friend Leslie and told her about my day and the creepy poster. She said “not to worry about it” and “that I wouldn’t be going to the type of places where someone like that would be lurking.” That night, I turned on the local news and there was a report about the man on the poster.  His name was Andrew Cunanan. Cunanan was wanted for several murders across the country.  One of his victims, architect David Madson was found rolled up in a rug with a gunshot wound to his head.  Cunanan made his way to Chicago where he took his next victim. The authorities suspected he would perhaps flee to New York City where he could easily blend into the large gay community.

The next week, I desperately needed a night out.  I asked Leslie to meet me at a gay sports bar in Chelsea called Champs.  When I arrived, the bar was somewhat empty but filled up as it got closer to midnight. Leslie was late and my beer was getting warm. I spotted a handsome guy standing near the dance floor, I smiled.  I couldn’t help thinking he looked familiar but could not place him. When he smiled back, I approached and introduced myself. I offered to buy him a beer, he said “Yes.” I don’t remember which brand but I think it was a Bud Lite. His name was Andrew, he was in town visiting from “Chicago.” He was an “architect” which I thought was impressive.

We made small talk about going out and where the hot spots were. He mentioned something about partying.  I told him I was a responsible kid and needed to function. Then things got weird, he said something odd, he said “Well, I don’t need to function.”  This struck me as bizarre. I thought, how could someone not function if they were a successful architect?

He then said, “I’m heading over to Twilo” which was notorious for its druggie raves. I told him I was going to stay behind to wait for my friend. We shook hands and he left. When Leslie arrived, we danced the night away. Leslie offered me a ride home. In the car, I told her about my encounter with Andrew and how there something was extremely off about this guy.

As the weeks passes, I forgot about that night, the wanted poster and the weirdo. It was another beautiful day, I woke up late and went down to the kitchen to eat breakfast. There was a copy of the Daily News on the table. Gianni Versace had been murdered. He went for a morning walk to pick up a newspaper and was gunned down in front of his Miami mansion.  I flipped to the story – to find a picture of the suspect. Now, I would recognize him. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as a chill covered my entire body. I looked at his name – it was Andrew. I told my Mom but I’m not sure she believed me. I grabbed the paper and ran upstairs. I read the rest of the article and nearly fainted.



Andrew Cunanan would spend 8 days on the run before he took his own life in a show down with police on a houseboat where he had been squatting. Although, Cunanan was dead…I called the crime show America’s Most Wanted.  If anything, I hoped to help establish a timeline. As it turns out, he spent time in New York around the time he murdered victim number four, New Jersey caretaker William Reese. Police had linked him to hotel receipts…Cunanan had been staying at the West Side Club; a gay sex club where you could rent cheap private rooms. Thank God, I didn’t leave with him. I was terrified.

The following spring, I graduated college.  By fall,  I was working as an Executive Assistant at USA Network. It was fashion week and I was in my early 20’s. Meaning, I could go out on a week night and be perfectly fine the next day. I decided to go to Splash, a famous gay bar around the corner from where I had met Andrew. I had several drinks and got caught up in the music….the next thing I knew Donatella Versace walked in with an entourage of exotic gay men.


At this point, I was pretty drunk and joined Donatella and her gays on the dance floor. My moves must have caught her attention….she pulled me into the circle formed around her.  As she threw her straw-like blonde hair in my face, we engaged in a dance off to Whitney Houston’s Your Love is My Love. After a while, Donatella and entourage left the club. I wished I could have jumped in the limo with her and drive off into the night as well. Instead, I was back at my desk in the morning telling co-workers about my night.  I felt dirty knowing I bought the man who murdered her brother a beer. It was surreal to say the least.

Fast forward to around 2005. I was sitting by a fire place in the lobby at the Four Seasons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I was there for a sales conference when I worked at Glamour Magazine.  The Chicago Sales Rep Kurt DeMars randomly started talking about Andrew.  Turns out, they knew eachother. In fact, Andrew would use his name as an alias while on the run. Once again, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Somehow, I was connected in a small way to this horrific story.  An eerie coincidence.

When I think back and realize what could have happened. If I had made a different decision, I could have been murdered too. Luckily, I trusted my intuition.

Versace: American Crime Story is set to  premiere on FX  in 2018 – thankful not be part of the plot.




In 1990, Madonna’s back up dancer Carlton Wilborn seemed to be on top of the world. He appeared in videos like “Vogue”, danced on the Blond Ambition Tour (the most iconic in Madonna’s 30+ year career) and was featured prominently in its behind the scenes documentary, Truth or Dare. This groundbreaking film set the precedent for the reality shows of today.


Carlton became a fan favorite – meeting Madonna’s daring challenges on and off stage. He played along, but it wasn’t all fun and games. Carlton was secretly living with HIV – and he didn’t want his status to affect what people thought of him. More importantly, while others on the tour were living it up, he worried about his health. Fearing he might get sick, he worried if his body was going to hold up against a grueling schedule that entailed traveling around the world and performing shirtless in the rain.

25yrs later, Carlton along with the surviving dancers are the subject of the documentary Strike a Pose which premieres tomorrow on Logo – 9/8c.  The film is a dramatic tale about overcoming shame and finding the courage to be who you are.


In 1990, I  was in high school and as a major Madonna fan, I knew all of the dancers’ names. Like Carlton, I had a secret; I was struggling with my sexual identity. Back then, there weren’t many images of gay men portrayed in the media – I identified with the dancers. They provided me an image of what a gay man could look like – Madonna’s dancers were beautiful, masculine and had killer bodies. They made me feel like I was OK.

Carlton went on to join Madonna on her 1993 tour The Girlie Show. He also enjoyed success as an actor and author. But in spite of his success, he was dealing with deep personal issues like the aftermath of being an abused child, sexual identity and sex addition. Carlton made a decision to seek help and to confront his demons head on by tapping into his higher consciousness though various teachings of spirituality and faith.


Carlton shifted his energy toward helping others by working as a life coach. When I caught up with him to discuss his journey, he said, “Starting my training at Kabbalah was really my first structured personal development work. It came on the heels of “M” – she knew I was going through some things. She was taking classes at the time and through her encouragement; I joined her. I ended up staying with it on my own for a couple of years. I’ve learned the importance of taking ownership of where one’s life is. I’ve finally gotten to a place where I am courageous enough to celebrate Carlton! In our lives, we are given so many tools and if you can’t take that shit and make it work – there’s a problem.”

Through his books and Danceformation teaching system, Carlton hopes to reach the young LGBT community – who he feels “culture does not lend itself to areas of self-improvement or spirituality.”




“I Am Michael”  directed by Justin Kelly and Executive Produced by Gus Van Sant filmed in 2015 made the rounds on the film festival circuit winning rave reviews at Sundance. Two years later, the film earned a distribution deal.  The true story based on Michael Glatze, a former LGBT advocate and San-Francisco based editor of the gay magazine XY, abandons his “homosexual” lifestyle to become a Christian pastor.

We  hear stories about men living heterosexual lifestyles who engage in DL activities or leave their families for the same sex. But rarely to do we see the flip side. James Franco plays Michael with ease. His performance as a gay man in a relationship who enjoys partying and threesomes is comfortably effortless.


Franco’s partner played by Zachary Quinto  is his support system and biggest cheerleader. However,  Michael is never satisfied. He seems to want more out of life and has a deep desire to help gay youth on a grad level. He wants to change the world.


Michael is neurotic often having panic attacks. He lives in constant fear  he will die of a heart attack. Due to a health scare, Michael turns to prayer. One is left  to assume he thinks God saved him. Michael becomes obsessed with reading the bible. He seems lost; you can see it in his eyes.


As Michael rejects his former life, he is deeply conflicted with feelings of lust for other men. That doesn’t stop him from marrying a fellow bible student played by Emma Roberts. She accepts  him and his past. Their chemistry feels awkward, somewhat forced.


I don’t know if Michael truly becomes “heterosexual” – the point being it doesn’t matter. “I Am Michael” is about removing labels and  self discovery.  A topic Franco embraces with delight.

“I Am Michael” is showing in select theaters and is available on iTunes and OnDemand.

Love Wins On Skid Row

16403333_10154583106804580_2124531928576622190_oA sea of tents line the streets of Skid Row. 

It’s been one week since I volunteered at the 3rd Annual Skid Row Carnival of Love.  I spent the day  filled with joy and tears. I was happy to help but seeing people living on the edge was truly heartbreaking.

As a personal guide, I met Tony.  A thoughtful young man who was more concerned about picking up clothing donations  for his girlfriend than for himself. After filling up four bags of clothes, Tony stopped to get his feet washed, signed up for health insurance and saw a doctor for the first time in months (just one of many essential services offered).  Afterwards, as Tony enjoyed a barbecued meal, we sat down and talked about life.  Seeing his bright smile throughout the day warmed my heart.

16422524_10154582989069580_6162773675849370404_oTony getting the VIP treatment. 

I was also  reminded of my own struggles. I am fortunate enough to have an apartment, food, friends and a family that supports me. However without that support, I wouldn’t be able to afford the high cost of living.  Since relocating to Los Angeles, it’s been hard to find work. I have a college education and a solid resume and but am not being called for interviews. Which makes me wonder how are people living in tents supposed to get ahead? I don’t have the answer. But I do know, last Saturday, a beacon of light shined down on a community in much need.

Extra special thanks to Jane The Virgin star, Justin Baldoni and his team at Wayfarer Entertainment (along with their sponsors) for putting on such an incredible event!  As people danced in the street with smiles, Tony looked at me and said “I wish everyday could be like this.” I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

16299637_10154582979289580_7005414796971689001_oJustin Baldoni expresses thanks with hand over heart.




If you are looking for a formulatic action thriller, then Arsenal is not it. The new film directed by Steven C. Miller feels more like an indie experiment. And that’s just fine. Shot in just thirteen days, Arsenal is a fast moving, blood soaked thrill ride that asks “How far would you go to save your brother?”

Adrian Grenier and Johnathon Schaech play brothers bound by the childhood discovery of their uncle who commits suicide by shotgun. Mikey (Schaech) protects JT (Grenier) from the gruesome mess by sending him to the arcade.

Later, I’m not sure why or how,  but Mikey stumbles into gangster Eddie King’s (Nicolas Cage)  plastic draped hide out and witnesses  another instance of brutality. One is left to assume this event ties Mikey to Eddie King as an adult. Some details may have been lost, as I viewed the film at a screening held at Laemmle’s Music Hall 3 in Beverly Hills with Schaech and Grenier in attendance.  I was too  busy watching them watch themselves.

As an adult Mikey is no angel. He drinks, has a violent temper and can’t seem to get this life together. JT on the other hand, is a mildly successful business owner who enjoys family backyard barbecues. JT loves and defends his brother despite Mikey’s outburst and shortcomings.

Mikey, in need of cash,  borrows 10K from JT and buys cocaine in hopes of flipping it. This is when the shit hits the fan. The coke is stolen and Mikey is knee deep. Eddie King has his dirty hands in this and kidnaps Mikey in order to extort more money out of JT.

Nicolas Cage, who dons a crazy wig and nose is over the top as Eddie King. The prosthetic nose is kind of distracting, but I told myself it’s because he did so much blow over the years.

It is now JT’s turn to protect and rescue his brother. Adrian Grenier plays the part with conviction. A fine versatile actor who I’d love to see more of. He appears as darling off screen.

Johnathon Schaech is the stand out. He sets the screen on fire – his presence is strong and powerful.  Blood, sweat and muscle, Schaech breathes life into Mikey with a punch. This is not a man you want to get into an argument with. I could not help but envision Schaech starring in a Die Hard-esque reboot.

Schaech has enjoyed a substantial film and television career. But keep a close eye on him – I predict much more success ahead.

Arsenal is in theaters and on demand now. Check it out!


Selfie time with Johnathon. 


Candid shot of Adrian Grenier pictutred with friend outside the theater. 

Evil Nanny


The camp thriller Evil Nanny directed by Jared Cohn is good fun with plenty of roll your eyes, shake your head and laugh out loud moments.  And I got to appear in a scene! What’s not to love?

When working parents Tim and Fay Tripp (Matthew Pohlkamp and Nicole Sterling) move into Fay’s grandmother’s very old but charming home they decide to hire a nanny to help with their young son and new born baby.  They only need someone part-time, so they offer room and board as a way to entice prospective hires.

“Jen” replies to the ad and meets Tim and Fay for coffee.  “Jen” has a  past – the only thing we know about her is that she burnt a house down, died her hair and assumed the identity of a picture perfect girl next door. The Tripp’s are dazzled and offer her the gig. Before you know it, “Jen” is rearranging furniture and causing waves within the home and couples marriage.

“Jen” convincingly played by Lindsay Elston turns out to be a true nightmare in every sense of the word. After the couple throw a party, “Jen” drinks her face off.  She nearly kills the baby by leaving it in the bathtub while sleeping off a hangover. Clearly, grounds for firing. “Jen” is no dummy and knows her tenants rights. This crazy bitch isn’t going anywhere soon. Sex, drugs, loud music, wild partries and murder. Evil Nanny delivers it all.


This summer, I got to work on Evil Nanny. It was an early morning call in DTLA, somewhere near the warehouse district. I got lost but eventually found my way.  With my wardrobe options packed in my garment bag, I entered the studio.  The studio looked like something out of a horror movie itself; in desperate need of a renovation.

I was hired to portray a library clerk. I put on my eyeglasses and slipped into character. Before the cameras rolled, I was placed behind the desk with a computer. It was hot as hell and smoke was being used to create effect.

While checking out books, I got to watch Fay trying to dig up dirt on her unwanted house guest. It was a blast. Look for my cameo around 16 minutes in. Hopefully, my next film role will be bigger. Evil Nanny 2?

Evil Nanny is now showing on Lifetime Movie Network.  Check it out!

George Michael 1963-2016


I woke up on Christmas morning by a text reading  George Michael died. A tear rolled down the side of my face. Here’s why…

When I was around 8 years old, I remember driving in the car with my sister, her friend Elizabeth and Elizabeth’s mom on the way to the bowling alley in Mill Basin, Brooklyn. “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham! played on the radio. We just loved the song and sang with joy. In this moment, life was perfect…

By 1987, I was in the 7th grade and although I attended Catholic school, I  knew exactly what George was singing about in his “I Want Your Sex” video.  George Michael by then  was a bonafied MTV solo star.  He shook his ass and donned a dangling cross earning. All while promoting monogamy.

The single “Freedom! ’90” was released in 1990 on the acclaimed Listen With Out Prejudice Vol. 1 and “Too Funky” on  the AIDS benefit album Red Hot + Dance. George began to shy away from the camera focusing on an elite group of “Super” models – he  blended music, art and fashion.  Two of the most iconic music videos of all time and personal favorites.

Six years later, while in college at SUNY Oswego, I discovered an “Older” sense of self and George Michael.  His music continued to speak to me and well as his sexy look in the “Fastlove” video. I wanted to look just like him when “I grew up.”

In 1998,  George Michael got busted for performing a “lewd act” in a Beverly Hills public restroom.  He proudly came out as gay and made ZERO apologies. I too was out as a young gay man and appreciated his f*ck you attitude. He even poked fun at the situation with the release of  the cheeky dance track “Outside.”

In 2004, I stayed out all night and fell in love with a bartender who worked the bar Eastern Block in NYC. Gabe and I shut the place down with his friend, preformed drunk yoga  and listened to “Amazing.”  The next day at work, I sat at my desk and played the song thinking of my wild night. I never saw Gabe again…

In 2008, my friend Eric invited me to see George Michael’s 25 year anniversary tour at MSG. It was one of the most memorable concerts I’ve ever seen. George Michael’s voice was razor sharp, one of the best. I watched and listened in awe of his great talent. A wonderful memory.

George Michael will be greatly missed by myself and millions around the world. A truly beautiful man…

Thanks for the memories.

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Paula Abdul Set To Tour After 25 Years


Over 25yrs ago, Paula Abdul burst into the spotlight. The song and dance girl emerged as a choreographer on the Tracey Ullman Show to a global superstar. Before launching her music career, Paula was choreographing music videos for Janet Jackson and Prince.

In 1988, Paula Abdul released her first album “Forever Your Girl.” The lead single “Knocked Out” began to get traction on MTV. But it wasn’t until “Straight Up,” did the world begin to take notice.  Only until recently, after being bumped to number 3 by Adele, Paula’s “Forever Your Girl” reigned as the second longest charting album on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Abdul enjoyed further success with release of subsequent albums, 1991’s “Spellbound” and  1995’s “Head over Heals.”

Due to chronic pain associated with neck and back injuries from a cheerleading fall (former Laker Girl),  dance, car accidents and even a plane crash. Paula put her career on pause until she landed at the judges table on  American Idol. 

At 53 years old, Paula is teaming up with New Kids On The Block and Boyz II Men on The Total Package Tour. Kicking off in May with a show at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio. The tour runs through July 16 with a show at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida.



Earlier this year, Paula made a cameo on Spike TV’s Lip Synch Battle looking absolutely amazing showing off her signature dance moves.  Paula Adbul is proving she really is “Forever Our Girl.” 

In celebration of #ThrowbackThursday,  enjoy!

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Twitter/Instagram: @PaulaAbdul



Vic Mensa Takes A Stand


Vic Mensa, the outspoken, Grammy-nominated rapper from Chicago is using his voice to bring attention to the on-going stand-off between water protectors and militarized police over the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline will run under the Missouri River and connect North Dakota to Illinois, where oil will then be transported to the Gulf and East Coast.

The indigenous tribal lands’ water supply is at risk for oil leaks and contamination. The pipeline would also destroy Native American burial sites. Protestors have taken camp and have been met with extreme violence by police through the use of water cannons in freezing temperatures, rubber bullets, pepper spray and other horrific means of force.



The news media is virtually turning a blind eye to what is happening with most reports coming directly from protestors via social media. Vic tweeted, “Standing Rock is the most important struggle to support right now. What has been done to Native Americans for 500+ years can’t continue. If we don’t take a stand at Standing Rock and stop BIG OIL polluting drinking water we could all be next. Standing Rock is BLM.  Standing Rock is LGBTQ rights. Standing Rock is the Latino struggle. All this shit is one.”  For food and clothing donations please visit:



This is not the first time Mensa has spoken out against police brutality.  His new music video for “16 Shots” recreates the slaying of friend, Laquan McDonald, a 17-year-old gunned down by police. Vic remains an advocate for criminal justice reform and other social justice issues.

On a side note, I am featured as one of the officers – in the opening scene. I’m honored to be featured  in the video and to be part of this important movement.


The Evolution of Jeff Beacher



Over the years, Beacher’s Madhouse evolved from a comedy show to a vaudeville revue to the wildest party in Los Angeles, frequented by the likes of Mick Jagger and other celebrities. The remodeled Beacher’s Madhouse at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel reopened in September. Drinks poured by dwarfs, anything- goes performances, audience interaction, goats, and monkeys are the norm. Beacher describes the Madhouse as a party for the people, made by the people. “It’s a haven for self-expression,” says Beacher. His motto? “As long as no one gets hurt, nothing is off limits.” Acts like Tiny Kiss, a three “little person” Kiss cover band backed by a 300-pound female lead singer resulted in the show’s popularity.


To maintain a more balanced lifestyle, Jeff has stepped down as president of Beacher’s Madhouse—turning over the day-to-day operations to Head Little Person Donny Davis. Still, Beacher remains heavily involved, serving as chairman with his main priority focusing inward.

The self-described “reformed douchebag,” Jeff made an
enormous spiritual and physical transformation. Today, he reflects on his journey with a sense of calm and clarity. Growing up on Long Island, Jeff was popular, but, being adopted left him with feelings of abandonment. “It’s something most people don’t understand,” he said. Most of his life he was insecure and, in many ways, his insecurities are what drove his success. The “serial entrepreneur” ran several businesses before diving into the world of comedy and performance art. By the age of 17, he sold t-shirts in high school, worked as a nightclub and concert promoter and ran a lucrative flower company. Now, he is CEO of Beacher Media Group, which focuses on consulting and entertainment relations.

That was enough for Jeff, but not for his mom. She had a different vision. While sick with cancer she asked, “When am I going to see you on TV?” The following week Jeff started to do stand-up comedy. He soon began producing and hosting nightly comedy shows. By summer of 2002, he was selling out shows at Madison Square Garden’s Paramount Theater and the Supper Club on Broadway.

When Jeff’s mom passed, he continued to press on with comedy in LA, and with the encouragement of his friend Jeff Pollack (co-creator, writer, and producer of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air), he took his show to the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for five successful years. And in 2010, he signed a five-year, $25 million deal to open Beacher’s Madhouse at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Although Jeff was enjoying tremendous success, he wasn’t taking care of himself and was severely unhappy. He tried to make himself feel better by overeating, binge drinking and gambling. In Oct. 2014, weighing 400 pounds, Jeff was at an all-time low. “Looking over the balcony and wanting to jump,” he remembers. “I was at critical mass, I wanted to kill myself. Thank God I didn’t.” Luckily, Jeff’s friends staged a “fat intervention.” Jeff credits Britney Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph and Larry’s Fiance and Xcycle CEO Jen Barnett as his biggest influencers during this difficult time. “I needed to make a change or I’d be dead,” he said.

He went to a “vegan camp” and began a journey of getting mentally and spiritually healthy. Beacher lost a remarkable 225 pounds, and later opted for gastric sleeve surgery, which decreased the size of his stomach. As he began to feel more secure in himself, the weight continued to come off. He works every day at self improvement and he suggests that anyone suffering addiction ask for the help they need. “You have to ask for help,” Beacher says. “You cannot do it yourself.” Jeff is grateful for his friends and steady support system. He wouldn’t trade them for any of the material objects he is fortunate enough to enjoy.


Sitting poolside at his estate in Beverly Hills down the block from his idol and buddy Brett Ratner’s and next door to Jay Leno, Jeff appears to be living his best life. Of all the cities he has visited over the course of his career, he says, “There’s nowhere [that] compares to Los Angeles.” From riding with the top down in one of his classic convertibles to riding his bike and running on UCLA’s track to dining at LA’s tastiest restaurants, he loves this city and all it has to offer. Although Jeff is eating much healthier, he can still enjoy a good meal. You can find him dining at Craig’s at least five nights a week, he says.

Through the outrageous shenanigans at the Madhouse and now through speaking openly about his personal triumphs, Jeff continues his work of uplifting and inspiring others. His goal: “I just want to make people happy and healthy.”



Jeff says everyone can work to improve their health and lifestyle: “Focus on [the] mind, body and soul, meditation, yoga. You need to be in right mind set.”


“Thousands of celebrities have passed through
the doors. Every one of them is memorable…in a good way. I never had to throw anyone out for bad behavior (laughs). It’s about having the fun. I want my guests to leave feeling like they had the best night ever.”


*Article originally featured in the November 2016 Issue of LOCALE Magazine.                                                                 @jeffbeacher

Tyler Glenn’s Ex-Communication


The title of gay icon has largely been owned by female pop divas like Beyonce, Britney, Madonna, Mariah and Gaga. Well, that’s about to change. Neon Trees frontman Tyler Glenn just dropped the gay anthem “G.D.M.M.L. GRLS” (God Didn’t Make Me Like Girls). The third single from his up-coming solo debut album Ex-Communication, due out November 11th.

Tyler is digging deep and bearing all – owning his journey on the deeply autobiographical release. Openly gay artist rarely offer a personal perspective, tending to lean on sexually ambiguous themes and imagery. The gay male voice virtually non-existent in pop music.

Tyler, a Mormon, questioned a religion that ultimately does not accept who he is. Tyler struggled with sexuality and tried to adapt to the expectations of the Church, family and friends. When he came out as gay, he experienced an ex-communication of sorts. Glenn dedicates half the album to this difficult time and the other half on a relationship with a cheating boyfriend. A relatable experience for many gay men.


With lyrics like “I’ve been freaking out, Cause I can’t keep it up and I’m scared.” “I tried to kill myself and I’m not the only one.”  Glenn unapologetically writes from the heart. Tyler is using his star power to advocate for self love and to shine light on the high rate of LGBT suicides among Mormon youth. Glenn’s new music is a bold and noble act of gay empowerment.  Check it out!

Photos via Tyler Glenn Twitter: @tylerinacoma 

BTS of TNT’s Murder In The First

n-b-0xkrAs an actor, getting steady work for a few days is a blessing in this business. That said, I was ecstatic to get cast as a court reporter for five days on the TNT hit drama Murder In The First. 

When I arrived on set, I was placed directly behind the defendant which meant plenty of camera time. I was given direction to take notes and listen carefully to the testimony.  Not a big deal, right? I’ve served on jury duty a couple of  times and seen enough of courtroom scenes to figure it out.

I spotted a guy who looked familiar but I could not place him. When I  heard him speak, I was able to figure out who it was.  Mark-Paul Gosselaar was standing before my eyes!  I grew up watching Mark-Paul play Zack Morris on the Saturday morning comedy Saved By The Bell. This was beyond surreal. I felt as if I stepped into a time machine or that I was stuck in a parallel television universe where Zack Morris grows up and becomes a big time Hollywood director. Pinch me.


I watched Mark-Paul closely as he gave the principals notes and directed with expertise. A director who is also an actor seems to have a better understanding of the process. Mark-Paul was friendly and funny – a pure delight. I even overheard him sharing stories about his four children keeping him up at night with the cast.

I couldn’t believe where I was – far away from my home in Brooklyn where I dreamed of moments like this. With hard work and determination anything is possible.

The fictional trial ended with a jaw dropping surprise ending! Be sure to pay extra special attention to episode seven. You can’t miss me! I give major face. 🙂

Murder In The First airs Sundays at 10/9c only on TNT.

In other Mark-Paul news….he makes his debut as  Mike Lawson, a confident catcher on the Fox series Pitch – a drama about the first woman in Major League Baseball. The premiere episode airs tonight 9/8c.


Exclusive: Milli Vanilli’s ‘Fabulous’ Fab Is Back!


In the late 80s and early 90s the German pop duo Milli Vanilli were at the top of the charts with the hits “Girl You Know It’s True,” “Baby Don’t Forget My Number,” “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You” and “Blame It On The Rain.” That is, until it all came crashing down when it discovered they had not actually sung on any of their records. The controversy became one of the biggest scandals in pop music history. In 1990, Milli Vanilli after much public ridicule and humiliation decided it was the right thing to do to give back their Grammy award for Best New Artist.


Milli Vanilli fronted by the beautiful Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus were striking. Their muscled bodies, dance moves and long dreadlocks had the attention of teenage girls, women and this 13yr old gay boy’s attention. Fab and Rob were two of my first same-sex crushes. I remember wanting to one day date or look like them.


Fab and Rob’s story is not usual in the entertainment industry. They were taken advantage of by Frank Farian, a shady record producer who founded the group. Frank paid them a cash advance. Being starving artists, they spent all of the money on clothes and other essiental living expenses. Farian then told them they had to lip sync or repay the advance in full. They were basically trapped.

Fab and Rob fell victim to the machine and succumbed to drugs. They would later record an album using their own voices. Many were surprised they could actually sing. But personal struggles held them back. Especially Rob, who attempted suicides and spent time in prison. In 1998, at age 33, Rob Pilatus was found dead of a suspected overdose. He paid the ultimate price.

Fab Morvan would continue working on solo projects. He has never stopped recording. In fact, he just released a new track “Whistle.” An infectious vocal house collaboration with DJ/Producer duo Desert Minds out of Den Haag in the Netherlands. I caught up with Fab to chat about his new music and his infamous past.

Besides being an entertainer, you are a survivor.  How did you manage to persevere during difficult times?

I realized real quick that basking in my misery wasn’t the answer. This is why I told myself “you fell but you’re gonna have to stand back up and move forward.” It’s been my motto ever since. Life ain’t easy, it’s a fact we all have to deal with no matter who you are. Life is full of surprises, ups and downs, those challenges will help define you and how strong you truly are.


What do you miss from the Milli Vanilli days? What don’t you miss?

What I miss the most from the Milli Vanilli days is performing with Rob in front of thousands of adoring fans…nothing compares to that electrifying feeling. What I don’t miss is, the drugs, the excess and the media scrutiny.

Tell me about your evolution as an artist. How did you find your “voice?”

My love for music always ran deep. Rob and I recorded an album We Can Get It On. A few years later, right around Rob’s death, I recorded a solo album Love Revolution with live instruments, I wrote and co-produced. I dedicated a song for him “It’s Your Life” and was planning on giving it to him but unfortunately…it was too late. I’m very eclectic when it comes my taste in music, I don’t like to be bound to one feel, I like to mix things up. This is how I found my own voice, anyone can go on Youtube and check out my musical journey through the years. I have a great affinity for house music, it has allowed me to reinvent myself. I deejay and sing at the same time for corporate events, clubs, private parties.

What type of music do you enjoy most?

It all has to do with my mood, in the morning for instance, classical. Each week I pick new music: Dance music, House, and the many different styles which fall under that umbrella. Rap, Hip Hop, Dance Hall, Jazz, Latin sounds, Funk Rock, Blues, Reggae etc…as long as it moves me, no matter the time period. 


Describe your new track, “Whistle.”

Desert Minds produced it, I came up with the lyrics in honor of the night, since it’s played a major role in my life as long as I can remember. Going out for the first time in the clubs in Paris, finally old enough to experience being up until sunrise. In my music career, entering the recording studio before midnight, coming out in the early mornings, I associate the night-time with freedom, creativity, performing, mystery, spontaneity. You can expect more from this partnership. 

What else are you working on?

I’m also part of a project “Face Meets Voice” with one of the original vocalists of Milli Vanilli, John Davis. We’ve been touring throughout Europe, performing the old hits and about to sign a new deal…the best is yet to come!

“Whistle” is available for download on iTunes:

You can join Fab on his journey via social media:, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Feature Photo by Jimmy James via Fab Morvan Twitter. 

Mother, May I Sleep With James Franco?


My New Years resolution was to work with James Franco. I wasn’t sure in what capacity, but I was determined to manifest it. About two months later, I read in Variety, James Franco was producing a remake of the 1996 cult classic  Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?  The orginal starred a teenage Tori Spelling involved in a dangerous love affair with a guy who turns out to be an obsessed psychopath (Ivan Sergei).



20yrs later, the Lifetime updated classic features Tori Spelling as a mom,  her daughter Leah (Leila George) is seduced by a lesbian vampire. What campy fun!


I saw a notice on LA Casting that production was looking for people with upscale Halloween costumes for an upcoming scene. I jumped at the opportunity. I ransacked my closed and this is the best I could come up with.  I submitted several photos and with much delight – booked the job!


We filmed the following Saturday night at Griffith Park. As I stood on my patio, I stared at the Hollywood Hills. I was satisfied to know Mr. Franco was waiting for me.


When I arrived, I went through hair and make up. Shortly after, a PA took me and the rest of the background talent to set. We were given our marks. I was placed next to the DJ with cocktail in hand. I looked straight ahead and Mr. Franco appeared through the slits in my skeleton mask. My heart began to race. He looked at me and took notice. I could have died and gone to heaven.

I had a blast dancing the night away knowing Mr. Franco was watching on the monitor. I did whatever I could to catch the attention of the camera. I danced with men, women and a little person.  James came out from behind the camera to give direction to his cast of Night Walkers. He walked next to me as he instructed the girls how to creep into the room. Our arms rubbed against each other.

James Franco appeared nothing like his wild Instagram persona. He was the quiet professional – completely focused. He is handsome and confident but looks like he needs a vacation. I’d be happy to join.


During a break, I spotted Tori Spelling standing to my left near the buffet table. She wore a white dress with pink feathers in her hair! This was another surreal moment: I grew up watching Tori on 90201!! And now…I was working with her?? Wait, what!!? She’s an icon in my book.

Next up, a pivotal scene. Tori rushes out of the party to look for her daughter. The AD placed me right behind her. When Tori reached her mark, I was instructed to swing open the door, run and rip off my mask to investigate the screams. In dramatic fashion, I complied take after take. You will have to watch to find out what happens next….It’s not pretty.

When I got home that night, as I lay in my bed. I thought I had been dreaming. In a way, I was.

Dreams really do come true…

Here’s a clip – see if you can spot me!

Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? is currently showing on Lifetime and is available OnDemand.

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