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I’ve spent my whole life chasing my dreams, sometimes ending up in unusual places. I’ve danced with Donatella, dined with Madonna, drank beers with Marc Anthony and flown on private jets with JLo. I’ve been quoted in Glamour. Managed pop stars, international jet setters, rubbed elbows with Royalty and ruled the roost at Conde Nast. I’m dizzy writing this…I have a lot to say; so brace yourself! Join me as I serve up commentary on pop culture, interview my childhood celebrity idols and share thoughts on all things entertainment through my unique “fly on the wall” personal perspective.


In addition to being an experienced media professional, overseeing the layouts of Bon Appetit and Glamour magazines, Damon Gonzalez “Daymz” is a celebrated blogger and published writer.

His LGBT themed essays gained the attention of the United Nations Human Rights Campaign. As a result, he was selected to pen an essay about the injustices of LGBT communities throughout the Middle East.

Damon previously worked as an assistant to Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. It was Jennifer who first referred to him “Daymz.”

Damon relocated from Brooklyn, New York to Hollywood in 2015. While looking for full-time production/creative gigs, he began working as an background artist on major film and television productions. So you may see him (or one of his limbs) on your television screens in the near future.  😉

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